Is This Your First Visit to Athens? The Best Places to Visit in Athens

As a first-time-visitor to Athens, you will be welcomed to the city that is a mix of beauty and chaos. As soon as you arrive here, you will be encountered with the noise of its busy roads, sound of car, radios, and horn. When you look up you can see the Acropolis-of-Athens, which is sitting tall and overlooking the city.

Until now you might have seen the catalogues of Athens with great views of this monument and now you are seeing it in real. You will find that Acropolis can be seen almost from everywhere in Athens. Maybe that is another reason for the greatness of Athens in the world.

Acropolis of Athens is considered on par with other famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum, and the Great-Wall-of-China. Athens happens to be the Western Civilization’s birthplace and the original architecture is still intact for last 2400 years and hence you just can’t afford to miss it.

Following are few of the best sights that you can visit while you visit Athens:

  1. Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis temple which is dedicated to Athena, who is the Greek God, is located over here. You can also find many other buildings which were built during 500 to 400 B.C. During summer season, going on a hike to the hill-top can be really tough so you must make sure that you bring plenty of water as well as sunscreen.

You may need to spend about an hour to walk around the ruins or visit any on-site museum and get the incredible city views and surrounding mountains under clear day, near the Aegean Sea. It may take around three hours at this place.

  1. National Archaeology Museum-of-Athens

This museum is world’s one of the great important archaeological museums where there are displays about most impressive artefacts found in the archaeological sites all across Greece. The artefacts provide a completely personal look into ancient Greeks lives which include everything right from jewellery to funeral mask to a 3000-year-old-loaf of bread.

  1. The New Acropolis-Museum

People enjoy visiting this museum because you can see both new and old facts very closely. You can find cutting-edge architecture as well as modern décor which are creatively displayed in order to show-off the best part of city’s metropolitan area.

You can visit this museum together with a visit to Acropolis of Athens, as you can find the most important artefacts of Acropolis over here. You must first visit National Archaeology Museum of Athens and then after that visit New Acropolis Museum.

  1. Ancient Agora

Here you can see the ruins of the ancient marketplace of the world. The ruins include Temple-of-Hephaestus and also the Stoat of Attalus, where Ancient Agora’s museum is also located. Many people prefer to visit Agora instead of Acropolis, as it can offer you more private experience. Also, its ruins are very well preserved.

  1. Changing of Guard

You will often wonder to see the dress of the personal guards which is of governments dress. You will always find them standing in-front of the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb near Parliament building located in Syntagma Square. Every Sunday at 11 am the biggest and the best show takes place with elaborate costumes.

  1. Frappes in the Psiri and Plaka Neighbourhoods

The Plaka neighbourhood is one of the friendly commercial neighbourhood where you can find many great cafes. In case, you are searching for little more youthful spot, then try to visit the Psiri neighbourhood.

Also, pay a visit to and learn few more details about Athens if you are visiting for the first time.